I was born in Kenya and spent much of my childhood growing up in Tsavo National Park, where my parents were working at the time. Time growing up in the bush has left an indelible mark on me and I have always loved safaris, not only for the amazing flora and fauna, but because of the incredible landscapes and vistas and for the tribespeople who have adapted to the environments around them.


In my early twenties I got a job in Tanzania, building - and later managing - a camp in the western Serengeti. I continued to work in Tanzania, organising the logistics of moving a mobile camp operation around Tanzania, as well as guiding and hosting trips. 


I met my Australian - born wife, Anita, in Tanzania and after we were married, we spent a two years back in Anita's home country, where I guided trips across Australia's Northern Territory.


However, the pull of East Africa was too great, and we headed back to Kenya, where we have been living for the past seventeen years. I carried on where I left off, guiding safaris, and we set up our own mobile camp operation, organising and leading safaris throughout East Africa.


We recently moved to small holding just outside Nanyuki, beneath the slopes of Mount Kenya, where we have built a house for ourselves and our two daughers, Isabelle and Carla.