On a privately guided safari, we have customized four-wheel drive vehicles, equipped to the very highest standards of safety and comfort. Each guest is guaranteed a window for the best viewing and there are roof hatches and roof cushions so that you can get the best height and vantage point once we are in the bush. Each car can explore independently – allowing an important element of flexibility and increasing your chances of seeing game. With the aid of discreet radio contact, it’s easy to share exciting finds with other members of your group.


Getting around Africa can look tricky to a layperson. Depending on budget, distance and time, we can either drive or fly between destinations. We often recommend flying longer distances so that you spend as much of your time in the bush as possible, not on the road. Flying not only gives you more time with the animals, but also a unique and beautiful view of the landscape. The breathtaking panorama of the Rift Valley, for example, can be seen with unrivalled clarity from the air, while eliminating a long day’s drive.


There are also other ways to see Africa - from the air by helicopter gives you the freedom to be able to land almost anywhere; hot air balloons can glide you over the immense African landscapes; camel safaris and horseback safaris offer a slower and more intimate pace of life, where you can get up close and personal with everything you pass. The choice is totally up to you!