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Kenya has one of the most diverse landscapes in Africa, from the spectacular cleft of the Great Rift Valley and its chain of lakes, to the great swathes of savannah in the Maasai Mara, the snow capped peaks of Mount Kenya, the heather-lined moorlands of the Aberdares and the blue mountains and parched desert of the Northern Frontier  - and not forgetting its pristine sandy white beaches and azure Indian Ocean. Each landscape lends itself to its own unique range of flora and fauna and because of this, there is no other country in Africa that can provide the immense variety of birds and animals. Not only this, but its diversity of tribes and cultures provides you with an experience not easily forgotten and this is why Kenya has been synonymous with safaris for over a century.


Our favourite safaris combine a mixture of private canvas in the Northern Frontier and the Maasai Mara, with a few selected lodges or camps in between while the camp moves location. It might be added that there is nowhere else in Africa where there are so many privately - owned areas of wilderness where you are able to have the privacy and seclusion, away from the crowds.


There is also an amazing range of activities that you can incorporate into your safari, from a walking safari with camels in the North, to flying by helicopter onto the slopes of Mount Kenya for a spot of fly-fishing, or quad biking or horse-riding to a fly camp to spend a night watching acres of stars. A perfect way to end a safari is to add a few nights on Kenya’s coast, to soak up the Swahili culture, balmy ocean and bountiful seafood.