Ker & Downey Safaris was founded in 1946 by Donald Ker and Syd Downey, two big game hunters who, after serving together in the British Army in the Abysinnian Campaign in the Second World War, decided to run safaris. Together - and with the addition of further guides over time - Ker & Downey Safaris grew in size and by reputation, hosting some of Hollywood's greats as well as other dignitaries.


Today, Ker & Downey is celebrated as the longest-existing safari outfitter in the world, and the standard-bearer for unsurpassed luxury in some of its last great wild places. So successful has the “K&D” name been that it has been brazenly borrowed by a number of copycat companies in Africa and the West. Yet to this day, no one has come close to emulating the luxurious standards, the rich experiences, or the peerless guiding of “The Original Ker & Downey Safaris”. 

Billy Norris is an associate guide with Ker & Downey Safaris. Teaming with with Ker & Downey not only means that we get to join some great Kenyan guides, but we are also able to use some of their much sought-after concessions in some of the more remote corners of Kenya. Amboseli is one such area - and their campsite with Kilimanjaro as a majestic backdrop is something special to behold. This area is also fantastic for getting up close and personal with the local Maasai tribe...