Uganda has been described  as the “Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill in his writings in My African Journey. The country’s warm tropical climate and fertile land provides a perfect habitat for the chimps and gorillas that the country is best known for, but it is also home to a profusion of lesser-known wildlife, flora and fauna. 


Kidepo National Park in the north with its lions, elephants, kopjes and vast herds of buffalo contrasts greatly in landscape, with rolling plains dotted with sausage trees and punctuated by white sand rivers.


In search of the source of the Nile, the Ruwenzoris, or the "Mountains of the Moon", host the rivers that flow into Lake Edward and Lake George. The Nile feeds into Lake Albert below the mighty Murchison Falls and these combined flows head off towards the Sud and the vast deserts of the Sudan and Egypt. It is here that you can truly understand why it was that the great explorers were awestruck when they happened upon this great source of water - and life!


Uganda is a great country to combine with Kenya or Tanzania. Less populated by tourists, it is a great place to see the Mountain Gorillas. The climbs are steeper and harder going , but made all the more rewarding when you catch a glimpse of a huge gorilla munching nonchalantly on some bamboo!