The ultimate luxury, traditional experience, a Billy Norris Safari is a spirited deep-dive into Africa; it’s people, it’s beauty, it’s heart.


For us safari is about the journey, not the destination. It’s about bringing people together on one of the most unique continents of the world and curiously exploring the diverse cultures, landscapes and wildlife.


A Billy Norris safari is about curiosity and discovery; of tradition and culture, and of community and self.

It’s so much more than just another adventure. A Billy Norris safari is about fun and happiness; it’s about making memories and cementing relationships.


Founded on the historical traditions of The Original Ker and Downey Safaris, a Billy Norris safari takes you to places you’ve only ever dreamed of and your heart will forever desire.

" An African safari experience like no other " 


Tel: +254 (0) 721 307 114 | +254 (0) 721 490 527 

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