As a family, we have worked in the mobile camping industry for twenty years. We have our own custom- built camps which are designed to move wherever you would like to go, very much in the style of the camping safaris of a bygone era. 


We take pride in being able to give you an exclusive safari, where you are completely private and hidden away from the rest of the world, so that you can enjoy the beauty of Africa away from the hurly-burly of the crowds.


We call this element of a safari "private canvas"; our camps are set up ready for your arrival and dismantled the day you leave, ready to be moved and pitched again in another location on your safari itinerary- sometimes even on the same day! 


The crew is what really makes your private canvas experience. Our team has been with us for years, working tirelessly to put a canvas roof over your heads, crisp sheets on your beds, hot water in your showers, cold drinks after a long game drive and delicious meals on your table... All this with an effortless air and a broad smile on their faces, giving you the warm welcome you deserve. 

Safari Activities 


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