Planning a trip to Africa can be seen by some to be the most daunting task with questions such as: Where do we go? Where do we stay? What do we see? What do we bring?


This is where we come in, to hold your hand through each step of the journey. First and foremost, Billy Norris Safaris offers personal, customised, privately - guided mobile safaris throughout East Africa which is by far and away the best way to explore this area - Out of Africa - style!


We also offer privately-guided safaris to a select number of handpicked camps, lodges and private houses within East Africa as well as specialist destinations - Rwanda and Uganda to see the Mountain gorillas, for example, or the Mahale Mountains in Tanzania for chimpanzees. 


Each trip is different and is customized to suit you, your partner or family. We take pride in the fact that everything is planned in minute detail and to suit the pace that you would like.


Because we are a family - operated business, the key to our safaris is the personal touch: we escort each safari and Anita works tirelessly to ensure that all runs smoothly. Our camp staff busy themselves cooking delicious home-cooked meals from the camp kitchen, heating water for your showers and they are a wealth of information about Kenyan culture and native lore. This, we feel, is the foundation of every great safari and will provide the memories which last a lifetime.

We have our own custom-built camps which are designed to move wherever you would like to go

We incorporate a selected lodge or intimate camp into your itinerary

We will be able to guide you every step of the way, to recommend activities or outings which can suit everybody


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