About us


We are a small, personal, family-run operation, offering privately - guided safaris predominantly in East Africa.


We believe that every safari should be different because each person is different. Safaris should be customised and tailor-made to suit each individual, couple, family or group.


Communication is the key to planning a great safari, right from the start. From the first email or phone call, we work with you, discovering your likes and dislikes, hobbies and passions, so that your trip is not just about just travelling somewhere - it's about the people you meet, the places you discover and the memories you make. 


We are a specialist mobile camp operator in Kenya, with our own luxury camp which travels wherever you would like to go - very much in the style of the great safaris of yesteryear. This can be interspersed with a handful of hand-picked small luxury camps and lodges, or specialist adventures, such as fly - camping under the stars, camel treks, buggy safaris, helicopter rides - whatever you would like to do!


Attention to detail is what we do best, so every aspect of your safari is planned with precision and any questions you might have are answered with detail and an intimate knowledge of the region we know and love so well.

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Ker & Downey Safaris was founded in 1946 by Donald Ker and Syd Downey, two big game hunters who, after serving together in the British Army in the Abysinnian Campaign in the Second World War, decided to run safaris. Together - and with the addition of further guides over time - Ker & Downey Safaris grew in size and by reputation, hosting some of Hollywood's greats as well as other dignitaries.


Today, Ker & Downey is celebrated as the longest-existing safari outfitter in the world, and the standard-bearer for unsurpassed luxury in some of its last great wild places. So successful has the “K&D” name been that it has been brazenly borrowed by a number of copycat companies in Africa and the West. Yet to this day, no one has come close to emulating the luxurious standards, the rich experiences, or the peerless guiding of “The Original Ker & Downey Safaris”. 

Billy Norris is an associate guide with Ker & Downey Safaris. Teaming with Ker & Downey not only means that we get to join some great Kenyan guides, but we are also able to use some of their much sought-after concessions in some of the more remote corners of Kenya. Amboseli is one such area - and their campsite with Kilimanjaro as a majestic backdrop is something special to behold. This area is also fantastic for getting up close and personal with the local Maasai tribe...

Billy Norris  

Billy was born in Kenya and spent much of his childhood growing up in Tsavo National Park, where his parents were working at the time. Time growing up in the bush has left an indeliblemark on Billy and he has always loved safaris, not only for the amazing flora and fauna, butbecause of the incredible landscapes and vistas and for the tribespeople who have adapted to the environments around them.

In his early twenties, Billy got a job in Tanzania, building - and later managing - a camp in Western Serengeti. He continued to work in Tanzania, organising the logistics of moving a mobile camp operation around Tanzania, as well as guiding and hosting trips.

Billy met his Australian born wife, Anita, in Tanzania and after they were married, they spent 2 years back in Anita’s home country, where Billy guided trips across Australia’s Northern Territory.

However, the pull of East Africa was too great, and Billy and Anita headed back to Kenya, where they have been living for the past 17 years. Billy carried on where he left off, guiding safaris, and they set up their own mobile camp operation, organising and leading safaris throughout East Africa.

Billy and Anita recently moved to a small holding just outside Nanyuki, beneath the slopes of Mount Kenya, where they have a built a house for themselves and their daughters, Isabelle and Carla.

An associate guide with Ker & Downey Safaris, Billy brings a lifetime of experience in the industry- he literally lives and breathes the East African landscape. He is fun, warm and relaxed and you feel as if you’ve made a friend for life after leaving a safari with him.